Our Story

For many of us at Madden Equipment, making classic backpacks was our first “real” job. Our sewing factory had a few wood paneled walls for offices, a half-dozen dogs, one cat, and lunchtime slide shows about our tall-tale adventures. Powder days equaled company holidays, and summitng the Third Flatiron under the harvest moon was an annual event.

We were proud to make durable gear that our customers and friends could use on backcountry trips and adventure travels for years to come. These were great times. And along the way we became great friends – lifelong friends.

Most of us have been building Madden classic backpacks and daypacks since the late 80ʹs, but we didn’t start Madden Equipment – we have Dan Madden to thank for that. Back in 1974, he decided to make packs for the Outward Bound Schools. As an instructor, he knew what the students needed in the field. He wanted to create gear that was simple and durable, and lasted longer than anything on the market. It’s still the over-arching goal for everything we do today.

Consisting of a loosely-organized, tight-knit group of friends and former employees, Madden Equipment is like a garage band.  There are long, creative sessions in the studio that are followed by equally as much time out in the field.

Right now we’re out in the field on a big adventure, but we’ll be back in the shop soon with some great new gear.