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  • Apr082014

    April 2014 – Our Official Launch Press Release is Out!

    Madden Equipment: A True “Heritage” Brand

    The Time-Tested, Original Outdoor Gear Brand From Boulder, Colorado, Brings Back Its Line Of Classic Packs From The 70’s And 80’s. Made in Colorado, USA


    Daylite: The classic "day-and-a-half" packPRLog (Press Release)Apr. 7, 2014BOULDER, Colo.A team of original Madden Equipment employees has reunited to bring back the classic backpack brand from a 10-year hiatus.  Led by Mike Valvano, a 23-year Madden Equipment veteran, the group is returning the brand to its roots by employing many of the original craftspeople.  The goal is to restore the quality of workmanship and to produce simple, durable packs in Colorado.

    Each Madden Equipment pack is crafted from start to finish by a single sewer using the original patterns and much of the original equipment.  It’s this attention to detail that helped Madden Equipment develop a loyal following of discerning adventurers in the USA, Europe and Japan during the past 40 years.  The company is committed to promoting classic pack building and sewing construction techniques.

    Madden Equipment was started in Boulder back in 1974 by Outward Bound instructor, Dan Madden. Dan knew what students needed in the field so he created gear that was simple and durable and would last longer than anything on the market. Now, after a little time off, a team of original employees from Madden Equipment prepares to celebrate the brand’s 40th anniversary with a collection of time-honored packs.

    Madden Equipment

    Madden Equipment, based in Boulder, Colorado, makes classic backpacks and outdoor gear. The company’s mission is to produce simple, durable packs in the USA.  All goods are made in Colorado using USA-sourced materials, including local Colorado bison leather. The brand was re-launched in 2014 after a 10-year hiatus. The goal was to bring the original team back together and revive the Madden Equipment community.

    To speak with Mike Valvano, President and 27-year outdoor industry veteran, please contact:

    Madden Equipment

    Madden Equipment: Backpacks and Travel Gear Made in USA
  • Feb132014

    Madden Partners with The Oskar Blues CAN’d Aid Foundation

    Madden Equipment will donate 100% of the proceeds of all Dan’s Pack, Knapsack and Daytripper Packs to the Oskar Blues CAN’d Aid Foundation.

    To date, CAN’d Aid has raised $550,000 to support flood relief in and around Boulder, Longmont, and Lyons, CO.  The connection to Oskar Blues starts with its owner, Dale Katechis and Madden Equipment’s owner, Mike Valvano. Dale and Mike worked at Madden Equipment together back in the early ’90s – for both it was their first job in the outdoor industry.  See December 1st Deep Cuts Post for the Beer, Gear and Bluegrass trifecta explanation.

    Beyond flood relief, the CAN’d Aid Foundation will stay true to Oskar Blues’ rebel roots by shaking things up in the world of nonprofits.  They plan to offer small, grassroots grants to people and organizations across the country that can prove they can make a difference in their community in a significant way.

    Help us support The CAN’d Aid Foundation – get yourself a Dan’s, Knapsack or Daytripper Pack today…

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    Madden Equipment: Backpacks and Travel Gear Made in USA
  • Nov302013

    Madden Equipment Lives

    Part of our inspiration in reviving Madden Equipment was reuniting the original team who made the packs back in the 80′s. The original team (Israel in above pic – original sewer with bag #1!) the original equipment, the original patterns. We believe these qualities are what made the brand so special in the beginning and what will continue to make the brand a keeper for years to come.


    Madden Equipment: Backpacks and Travel Gear Made in USA